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Andrew Yates

August 5, 2009

inBlogs Can Haz Search

Finally after months I have added search to inBlogs, right now its very simple you search for a keyword/term and it will return the most relevant items.

July 21, 2009

Want your iPhone app reviewed?

My last three posts have all been iPhone app reviews, with these has come a flurry of requests and a whole bunch of hits trying to find other apps i’ve mentioned. If anyone has an app they would like reviewed feel free to fire me a promo code for the application in question and I - Read More -

July 17, 2009

App Review HarbourMaster

Following on from my iPhone App Review of CoastGuard comes HarbourMaster. Another variation of FlightControl this time however you control boats that you need to dock and keep docked till all of the cargo has been taken off.

July 15, 2009

App Review CoastGuard

Following on from my previous iPhone app review of Ragdoll Blaster, which I now know 2 people downloaded due to my review I have another one for you… I am a big fan of the iPhone app FlightControl, many hours I have used trying to beat not only my own score but everyone else on - Read More -

July 14, 2009

App Review – Ragdoll Blaster

Nearly everyone at work now has an iPhone, so discussion often arises about new apps people have downloaded in the office. I am a big fan of a few apps and i’ve now thought I’d bring a few reviews to my blog. So here goes the first of what will hopefully be many…

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