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Andrew Yates

January 28, 2009

Thank you T-Mobile and Jed!

So 3 months ago, I was at my girlfriends. She was working and I decided I wanted to get mobile broadband. I went around the diverse range of shops to find the best deal. Unfortunately I decided to choose T-Mobile. I was promised 14 days to return the product, and that it would work fine - Read More -

January 28, 2009

Welcome to AndyDev

2 days ago I found some time to start working on making my blogging life active again. This started out with me toying around with designs in Photoshop. Soon after seeing a mates site coming along nicely, I decided to skip Photoshop altogether, and get straight into Coda. I said I’d use no images and - Read More -

December 6, 2008

A change in direction…

After quite a few months of not blogging i’ve decided that i’d like to get back into the blogging scene again. Previously my site had been called ‘Mach2Designs’ but I never actually did ‘design’ so now i’ve decided to move over to Makes alot more sense, i’m Andy and I am a Web Developer! - Read More -

May 10, 2008

inBlogs Relaunches

inBlogs has been up and online for some time but without me ofically relaunching it. Today is the day. After putting it off for weeks I have decided to get it out there and get it promoted and advertised. So after a year of the site actually going live for the first time, it is - Read More -

April 27, 2008

Magento – A Developers Brief Review

For a few weeks now I have been working with the new eCommerce solution Magento. In the past I have had brief encounters with other eCommerce solutions like Cubecart, as well as eCommerce plugins for e107. None of them really come close to been as well structured and feature rich as Magento does. At the - Read More -

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