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Andrew Yates

August 3, 2010


I decided on Friday evening that I wanted to get all designy so for no reason at all I ended up designing what you see before you in the browser. I started it on Friday about 7PM and completed WP integration on Sunday night. I held off uploading it until tonight as I had a - Read More -

June 19, 2010

Something a bit different… Meat Loaf

While walking to my Saturday Urban Coffee Co visit I thought about writing a blog post rather different to my usual posts. Maybe not so different to those posts dating back to 2007 that are still in the dark depths of this site.

June 18, 2010

Sennheiser RS 140 Review

A good few weeks back I brought some Sennheiser RS 140 Wireless Headphones to use in the office. I now use both a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and didn’t want to ruin the wireless work environment with a pair of headphones that have meters of cable attached to them. I brought them on eBay for - Read More -

May 29, 2010


Not only did I splash out on an iPad this week, but I also splashed out on a brand new server to host all of my websites on. Despite having a shared server account all paid up till next March, I wanted to get my bigger sites on something a bit speedier. Especially with upcoming - Read More -

May 28, 2010


So I’ve took the plunge and got myself an iPad. I really didn’t take much convincing at all. Just a quick look at one this morning sealed the deal and I found myself on autopilot to the Apple Store. This is a quick first impressions post, after having the device for a few hours. I’m - Read More -

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