Update November 2009: For those people hitting my site looking for Pudsey’s Paypal address it is the following ‘paypalpudsey@bbc.co.uk.’. You can find other ways of sending your donations in on the following page.

These are the following services I will be offering for today’s Children in Need. Payment will need to be made via paypal to Pudsey’s paypal. Once this is done and proof of the money been sent you will receive the finished files. So 100% of the money will go to Children in Need!

Work will be carried out on a first come first serve basis, as stated on my earlier blog post I want to complete all requests to make sure as much money is raised as possible. If demand is high then please be patient, you will be kept up to date with progress.

iTrader feedback from TalkFreelance can be seen here.

What services do you offer?
* WordPress Skin Coding
* e107 CMS Coding
* xHTML Coding

Mach2Designs.co.ukValid Markup
Others available on request, need to upload them again.

e107 CMS:
AircraftRestoration.orgValid Markup
inBlogs.orgValid Markup (Has one error, which will be fixed later today.)

SourceMeValid Markup
TechBlogValid Markup
Themes.e107Valid Markup

If you require more examples contact me via email or MSN.

XHTML: $60 per main page; $25 per subpage.
XHTML to WordPress: $50
PSD to WordPress: $125
XHTML to e107 CMS: $80, which includes e107 installation service and support.
PSD to e107 CMS: $150, which includes e107 installation service and support.

How to contact me.
MSN: acy_37@hotmail.com
Email: contact [at] mach2designs [dot] co [dot] uk

Any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance to anyone who hires me to raise money for this great cause.