As you can probably tell, if your reading this on my site and have been here before. My sites design has changed once again. This time it’s not only a new design, its a new design in a new version of HTML. The site is now built using HTML5.

I was inspired by a few articles that I had read about HTML5 to go off and just mess around with it for an evening. I did this, and in true form it snowballed into the design you see before you (sort of anyway). After getting some comments back about the design I set about making a few changes to the design to improve it.

I have done some extra development, that you won’t see yet. I am still refining it on my machine, however you will hopefully see these additions pop-up over the course of the weekend. Things like my Flickr will make a re-appearence and will soon play a bigger part in some of my blog posts.

The site “as is” right now, isn’t perfect and I don’t claim that it is. As with other HTML5 sites I have found, as HTML5 changes so do the sites. I will hopefully keep on top of these as they happen. *fingers crossed*.

It’s been a rather busy few weeks, I have toyed with the idea of getting this site up every evening this week. Tonight I uploaded it to ‘preview’ it within WordPress and decided to just go for it.

A thank to people like Bruce Lawson, who not only inspired me to take the plunge. But also for writing articles that explain the new specification. I feel another post coming on…

I hope you like the new look.