Today is Blog Action Day well here in the UK it is drawing to a close. I was hoping to post a few hours ago but was busy. So excuse me, and as it is late sorry if I make any mistakes.

Lately in the UK every news broadcast whether it be at 1Pm or 10PM there always seems to be something on the news about climate, and how WE are changing it.

Just today in-fact I watched the news and it showed a report about the how the shipping lanes in the Artic have been able to be used this year as all the ice had melted, which hasn’t happened before. Also a report about the 1987′s Great Storm here in the UK.

Sitting here right now in the Isle Of Wight I can hear the wind blowing outside, with 25 minutes left of blog action day to write this post and get it up to be 1 of the many today posting to try and get something done about how WE are changing this amazing place we call home. We’re not the only ones who have to live here, and US as individuals are changing the planet for everything.

On a personal note, now when i’m doing sketches etc, I throw my paper into a bin that gets emptied into the paper recycling box we have back in Solihull. Just doing a bit can help, but doing nothing isn’t an option if we want to live on this world like we do now. If we keep littering, polluting like we do now the world will change forever.

Just take a few minutes right now and think about what kind of world you want your children/relatives etc… growing up in.