I’ve been in Tel Aviv now for 2 weeks. When I arrived I couldn’t help but feel a tad uneasy to be somewhere that back in the UK is often shown on the news. News that never shows Israel in a good light.

From the bits of Israel I’ve seen so far, the people are really easy going, worries about the language barrier were quickly thrown away as most people speak really good English and walking down the street feels as safe, if not safer, than walking down a street in Birmingham or London.

Before heading here I was telling my Nan where I was going. I’d booked a flight via Switzerland and mentioned it while telling her about my trip. She immediately said “don’t get going on the slopes, they’re dangerous”. While that may be true, she immediately focused on the worst case scenario. If you always thought like that you’d never do anything or visit anywhere and instead lock yourself out from harms way.

My take out from the past few weeks is to not judge somewhere based on what you’ve heard in the news. They rarely pick up on the good stories and focus on the negatives as they are the stories which make the headlines. While those bad headlines are no doubt happening, they are out of sight and out of mind while I explore and experience somewhere entirely new (and the weather’s not bad either).

I can now tick another country off my list before targeting the next one, and once again kicking off that uneasy feeling. That’s what makes it fun right?