Last year I went to the Internet World exhibition in London, and while I was there I found a neat little site that was launched at the show. The site allowed you to download a toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer then you were able to bookmark sites using the toolbar using ‘Jumptags‘.

This toolbar allows you to search your tags, so if you typed in forum you would get all the sites that you tagged with the word forum, you can then click on the site you wish to visit and it would take your browser to the site. I then stopped using the toolbar after upgrading my iMac and Macbook.

Just yesterday I received an email letting me know about a new feature of the site, it allows you to add a tag cloud of your Jumptags to your website. I have created a new Jumptags account, and have added this tag cloud to my sidebar. I will be adding more Jumptags as I find sites that I like. I think this is a pretty neat feature, it allows any visitors to my blog to see sites that I am interested in and that they may also be interested in.

For more information about Jumptags go and read their blog, more importantly read this for an understanding of why Jumptags is beyond social bookmarking.

To try Jumptags for your self go and visit their site and sign up.