Like most developers you sometimes find yourself stuck with a problem and you reach out to the internet to see if you can find a solution. More often than not that solution will be found on StackOverflow, a programming Q&A community. At least that’s often where I end up when searching a problem with some code.

This past week i’ve been visiting StackOverflow not only to read answers but to actually answer a few things myself about iOS. Having done so each day I found myself answering questions about stuff I didn’t necessarily know about. I’d search for an answer just like I would do normally and post a link to it, while gaining knowledge of that solution and if I knew the answer i’d sometimes verify it to make sure I wasn’t being stupid.

Getting techie for a second… So far i’ve it’s been pointed out that UIActivityViewController’s on iPad need to be presented as a Popover rather than a modal like I was previously doing in the Buffer UIActivity code released last week. Something that is in the documentation but isn’t necessarily highlighted and obvious, especially as both methods work.

So my improvement the past few days has been to keep answering StackOverflow questions to pick up things that i’d not necessarily pick up day to day but may be useful down the line. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how much you can pick up by just helping others, it’s definitely helping and it also means I won’t feel as bad leaning on the StackOverflow community for help in the future.

Following the quote from the Greek Philosopher Aristotle in my “Learn by Doing” post. I’ll continue on a similar theme, Roman philosopher Seneca Read said… “While we teach, we learn”.