Not only did I splash out on an iPad this week, but I also splashed out on a brand new server to host all of my websites on. Despite having a shared server account all paid up till next March, I wanted to get my bigger sites on something a bit speedier. Especially with upcoming updates that will hopefully allow the sites to grow lots.

After hearing about a few experiences with Linode from my collegeues I paid for my first month with Linode. I’ve never been one for administering servers, but the Linode Library (lots of documentation) helped loads. When you sign up you are given a VPS, which you then choose the OS and you then manage it as you wish.

Within one evening I got Apache, PHP and MySQL installed as well as my blog moved over. Now a few days later I have a few development sites online on subdomains. Next job is to move the other sites I want on Linode over, hopefully this will be a fairly easy task.

If your looking for somewhere new to host your site I would recommend Linode. I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever and have only heard good things. So check them out.

As with my iPad post I’m sure I will have further blog posts in the future about my experience with Linode.