I have decided to hold back on some of the posts I have created, as I know for a fact now I am working I will need to write all the blog content in advance, just starting to build up a selection of posts/articles to keep this blog alive.

So this post is going to be a bit different I will be posting my selection of blog posts I have read this week and enjoyed. Some are just funny silly videos, some are normal clever articles.

Firstly, Jon Wheatley of j0n.org posted a video after picking up a tablet off the floor thinking it was proplus. Ofcourse it wasn’t and the effects can be seen in the video on the post.

Secondly, James McDonald has been busy this past week creating post after post. He posted a list of 10 Top E-Commerce Website Designs, of course these were his personal opinion but he has chosen wisely. A great post for some ideas/inspiration for any E-Commerce sites your working on or planning.

Thirdly, HTML 5 Specs have been released. Been clouded over by talks about an IE6 autoupdate as well as IE8 talk, SitePoint has posted a quick overview for people who don’t want to read the whole spec.

Finally just around the corner from the 383 office a rather random natural wonder happened. I give you The Birmingham Geyser.