This week I have been busy putting the final touches to the Buffer UIActivity I started way back in June at WWDC. Now that iOS6 is out in the wild I can reveal it. Anyone wanting to integrate Buffer support into their iOS apps can do so easily using the new iOS6 UIActivityViewController and the Buffer UIActivity.

The UIActivity sheet is really easy to implement, simply drag the files to your project, in the BufferSheetViewController.m file enter your client ID and client secret (line 67) after registering your app here…

Then include the UIActivity in your UIActivityViewController applicationActivities array. Heres an example how to do this…

BufferUIActivity *bufferActivity = [[BufferUIActivity alloc] init];

UIActivityViewController *activityView = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:@[@"Hello world.", @""] applicationActivities:@[ bufferActivity ]];

[self presentViewController:activityView animated:YES completion:^{}];

If you spot any issues, please file them on GitHub. Feel free to use the project as a base for other UIActivity’s.