I decided on Friday evening that I wanted to get all designy so for no reason at all I ended up designing what you see before you in the browser. I started it on Friday about 7PM and completed WP integration on Sunday night. I held off uploading it until tonight as I had a few niggles with IE (no surprise there), not sure why I went to the trouble to get it working in IE6 but it now does so it’s all good.

You will notice once again the site is using HTML5, this time I have sprinkled some CSS3 over the site. Not being one that has used it before no doubt I will be tweaking it over the coming days/weeks to perfect it and remove the use of images in favor of CSS3 Gradient’s. This is the 3rd redesign using pretty much the same markup with just a few tweaks to the order of elements.

I hope you like the new look, any feedback or issues you spot please do let me know using the comment form below.