So I’ve took the plunge and got myself an iPad. I really didn’t take much convincing at all. Just a quick look at one this morning sealed the deal and I found myself on autopilot to the Apple Store. This is a quick first impressions post, after having the device for a few hours. I’m sure more will follow this soon.

I decided to grab the 16GB WiFi model, I have a 3 network dongle that I can use if I ever need to get on the net. That’s if I’m going to carry both my laptop and my new iPad. Wherever I am i’m never too far away from a WiFi connection.

So the iPad’s first impressions on me are that the device itself is awesome. Not from just a fanboys perspective, although that helps. Quickly I made my way to Urban Coffee Co and got on their WiFi and started downloading the various apps I wanted to try out.

So far I have resisted buying apps, only forking out for Angry Birds HD. I have to say Angry Birds is perfect for the iPad. Even the apps that don’t currently have universal apps out like Facebook, work well on the iPad when zoomed using the “X2″ functionality.

Typing on the screen when flat on a table is a breeze too. I’m doing it right this second within the WordPress app. iPhone apps that require keyboard input use the iPhone keyboard. This also works well but even better when zoomed in. Posting a status to Facebook has never felt to easy.

I’m gong to spend the evening looking at cases for the iPad as unfortunately the Apple store only had 2 available. I’m sure other accessories will follow suite in my search this evening.

A nod to the Bullring Apple store too for allowing me to see a genius without an appointment this morning to look at my bulging MacBook Pro battery. Once in stock I can simply go and collect a replacement.

I will no doubt be getting stuck into the iPhone SDK this weekend, for the first time in a while.

Check back in a few days/hours for another post. Maybe now I may blog some more now I have a awesome device to blog from. =]