Nearly everyone at work now has an iPhone, so discussion often arises about new apps people have downloaded in the office. I am a big fan of a few apps and i’ve now thought I’d bring a few reviews to my blog. So here goes the first of what will hopefully be many…


Ragdoll Blaster has a simple concept, you fire ragdolls from a canon and hit (well try too) a red target (sometimes you will see a few targets and some may even be invisible). Each level you get new obstacles and challenges, some harder than others. With over 100 levels you will have hours of fun. The game comes in both a Lite version and a Full version. The full version currently costs 1.19, however this is set to go up so buy it while it’s at this limited time price.

Labyrinth - Ragdoll Blaster

The game was created by Backflip Studios, the creators of another popular iPhone App, Paper Toss. They also have a new game coming soon named ‘Harbor Havoc’.

Ragdoll Blaster is currently 104 levels of Ragdoll blasting entertainment. The game doesn’t grow old like many other iPhone games. Your able to skip up to 3 levels if you get stuck on one, however to beat the game you will need to go back and complete them too. The challenge is to use as little amount of ragdolls as possible to beat the game.

While some levels are fairly simple, the further into the game the more complicated and creative the levels get. From claws to pirate ships to mazes, there is a wide variety of challenges to beat. The solution to getting your ragdoll to the target isn’t always obvious.


The game has decently been updated it now features online score boards and a bump up from 70+ levels to 100+. A new sight line options has also been added to help you out figure out the solution. In the future I am personally hoping that the app will get even more levels and features through free updates, or even in game purchases.


Overall this is my favourite iPhone app/game. I have now completed all 104 levels, however I keep finding myself opening the app and trying to beat my previous scores. This just shows how fun this iPhone app is.

If anyone has any comments about this review, how I can improve my reviews etc… Or your comments on the game or other iPhone apps then feel free to contact me or comment on this post.