Do you find yourself worrying about whether or not you have gone over your iPhone Contact/Allowance? Mobile Allowance has been around for a while and allows O2 UK pay-monthly users to check thier allowance at anytime. You now don’t have to text 21202 to find out what’s left for the rest of the month.

The app was released onto the App store before O2′s Official My O2 app. I brought it as soon as I found it on the App store. It was released in January and the app now has over 100,000 users across the UK.

Mobile allowance doesn’t simply show you an ‘amount’ of credit left to use for the rest of the month. You get a breakdown of Minutes, Texts, Current spend and when the next update is.


Tapping on ‘Texts’ shows you how many Media messages you have left. If you tap on other sections various other formats of displaying the information is shown.


Tapping on ‘Current spend’ brings up a break-down of what you have spent your ‘Current spend’ on. This does work, i’m just lucky enough not to have any extra costs so far this month.


The app has just been updated to version 2, which boasts a vast speed increase getting the results back when launching the application. Faster than that of the My O2 app, over my own WiFi. It is well worth 59p for what it does, its quick and simple, unlike the slow and ugly ‘My O2′ app.

Download it now from the app store.