A good few weeks back I brought some Sennheiser RS 140 Wireless Headphones to use in the office. I now use both a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse and didn’t want to ruin the wireless work environment with a pair of headphones that have meters of cable attached to them. I brought them on eBay for 114.99 and received them just a few days later.

With an apparent range of 150m I can easily walk around the office listening to music, or more recently football commentary. While doing so you get the odd giggle from the guys in the office. The headphones come with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, which are easily fitted in the right ear cup. The headphones are then charged by simply placing them on the base.

I am not a sound-buff and often put up with Apple earphones when at home or walking around town. Myself and some of the 383 guys think that the headphones sound great. Especially as they are wireless. Slowly I am enticing my colleagues to get a pair for their desks.

I keep meaning to take them home to try out with my Xbox 360. The only down side to these headphones for me is every so often when you pick them up or take them off you change the volume or balance between each ear piece as these controls are located on the casing around the ear cup.

I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking and I’m sure I would reach the same conclusion with newer/more expensive Sennheiser Wireless headphones.