Lately I have been developing inBlogs, a site which aggregates posts from 148 (and growing) web-related blogs into one place. These are then split into pages. In this post what SimplePie is, more detailed posts will follow.
What exactly is SimplePie?

The script allows you to parse RSS and ATOM feeds in PHP, which allows you to show posts from a feed or several feeds in a page or menu on your website. Or like me develop a whole site featured around the parsed feeds.

SimplePie for one feed.

Parsing one feed can be helpful to some people. A demo of this can be seen here. Using this you can create simple menu’s to add to your site or blog to show the latest posts from a blog or news section on a website. Say you have a technology blog you might want to add a menu that shows the last 5 posts from engadget.

SimplePie for multiple feeds.

If you want to have several feeds to be parsed together then SimplePie Multifeeds is for you. It allows you to parse as many feeds as you like into one all sorted by date. This is what is used on inBlogs. Using this you can create menu’s or pages or even plugins that aggregate posts from feeds. On Macommand a WordPress SimplePie plugin is used to automatically create posts from several feeds. Meaning I don’t have to update the site manually. This can be very helpful if your a lazy blogger like me.

This post is just the first post about SimplePie. This may get updated and posted again to add more details. I will be doing several tutorials about SimplePie over the next coming weeks.