Do you use a CMS? Is it WordPress, Drupal, Mambo/Joomla? Have you looked around at what other systems are around?

Have you tried e107? No? Maybe you should try it out.

As I keep reminding readers of my blog my CMS of choice is e107, has been for years. The main reason for this is the way it works and how simple it is to understand and use. I have used several content management systems in my time on the web and well some I have liked and some I have used once and never used again.

The two systems I use now are e107 and WordPress. WordPress is more suitable for blogs than e107, its a great system and I love using it. Just like WordPress is great for blogs, e107 is great for alot of other things. Sites that require more interaction with the user, with features like forums, profiles, chatboxes etc… These are just a tiny selection of the features that are included within e107.

With the ever growing plugin database adding to e107 functionality as well as the core been developed continuously e107 may just be the right CMS for one of your sites.

Some Core e107 Features…

  • News System
  • Submit News System – Allows users to submit news to your site.
  • Custom Menu/Pages System – Includes a menu activation area to set menu’s to a certain area within your sites theme.
  • Flood Protection System, allow auto banning of IP’s flooding your site.
  • Downloads System
  • Uploads System
  • Banner AdSystem, rotating adverts.
  • Core Plugins, Forum, Chatbox, Event Calender, Stats, Google Sitemap, Links Page, RSS and many more…

So why not go and try e107 for yourself, download it here or view a demo here.