The following post was written due to many email questions asking ‘What is e107?’.

e107 is a Open Source Content Management System, developed using PHP and MySQL. It is developed by a handful of developers who proudly give up there spare time to keep the CMS up to date and moving up in the world of CMS’s.

At the end of last month e107 came 3rd in the Packt Publishing Best PHP Open Source Content Management System Award. Just loosing out to Drupal and Joomla. This been the 2nd year running e107 has reached the final. Congratulations to all involved.

Not only is e107 free to download, but it includes all you need to set up a website in minutes as long as you have the correct hosting to do so. It includes several packaged features as well as a whole community dedicated to creating new plugins and themes. Some of the packaged features include, a forum, calender, downloads, news submission, news and many many more. To get an idea of all the features you get with e107 you’d have to see for yourself. To do this go here and view the demo installations.

e107 can easily be expanded to suit your needs, plugins can easily be created and if your lucky a suitable plugin has already been created. Styling your site is just as easy with many themes available to download, or if you know how to code/design then you can create your own. It’s easy!

Not only is e107 easy to develop and expand it also offers a great support base, with a documentation wiki, and a forum where members, the support team and developers all help you sort out any problems that may arise.

An official plugins has also been created meaning you don’t have to search the internet for any add-on’s you may want. An official themes site will be up and running in the near future.

So what are you wanting for, go and download e107 now.

If you have any questions regarding e107 then feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the contact page.