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July 21, 2013

Interface Builder, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Since starting iOS development I have been somewhat reliant on Interface Builder for setting up views within most of the apps I’ve developed. More and more I feel as if I’m committing a sin and should be hand crafting each view programatically. I’ve been planning to rewrite the code behind the composer within the Buffer - Read More -

July 17, 2013

The potential of iPads in retail

I was recently in an Apple store and after playing around with their iPad Smart Signs which show off products throughout the store, it got me thinking about how iPads could be used in more stores. Back in 2011 Apple introduced iPad displays to all of it’s Apple Stores, replacing the old cards encased in - Read More -

July 14, 2013

Why i’m recoding my app from scratch

Over 2 years ago I launched Magic Bean for iPhone, which has since then become Universal for both iPhone & iPad. Along with that the core functionality was included in a Mac application which became just as popular than it’s iOS counterpart. Magic Bean allows you to stay up to date with you or your - Read More -

July 9, 2013

How I got started in iOS Development

I often get asked how to get started in iOS Development. I thought i’d try and get it written up and posted as a blog post incase it’s helpful for anyone. I started writing it and soon realised that it’s more of a “How I got started in iOS Development”, that said I hope it’s - Read More -

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