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January 28, 2009

Welcome to AndyDev

2 days ago I found some time to start working on making my blogging life active again. This started out with me toying around with designs in Photoshop. Soon after seeing a mates site coming along nicely, I decided to skip Photoshop altogether, and get straight into Coda. I said I’d use no images and - Read More -

December 6, 2008

A change in direction…

After quite a few months of not blogging i’ve decided that i’d like to get back into the blogging scene again. Previously my site had been called ‘Mach2Designs’ but I never actually did ‘design’ so now i’ve decided to move over to Makes alot more sense, i’m Andy and I am a Web Developer! - Read More -

May 10, 2008

inBlogs Relaunches

inBlogs has been up and online for some time but without me ofically relaunching it. Today is the day. After putting it off for weeks I have decided to get it out there and get it promoted and advertised. So after a year of the site actually going live for the first time, it is - Read More -

April 2, 2008

Blogging? Me?

This is just a short update, as I am still finding it hard to get time to create posts. Some are in the works as I have said before, just need to finish them off. inBlogs Ad-Free Aggregator Now, today I have added inBlogs to twitter. So most posts will be posted to twitter getting - Read More -

February 29, 2008

Rather Random Update

Just thought before I wrote some new content for this site to go live in the next few days, i’d come here and just quickly update everyone with anything I can think of really. I mentioned a couple of my own projects last time, no names to be released as yet, but they are coming - Read More -

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