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November 26, 2007

Good Feeling

I just sent off my CV to another company a few minutes ago. I have to say this one I actually feel pretty good about. After looking at there website and after seeing what they do I can safely say I would love to be part of there team. I’m not just saying this because - Read More -

November 22, 2007

Job Hunting

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days but I have been busy job hunting, so far so good. Tomorrow morning I will be sending my CV off to a few company’s along with some extra’s they have asked for, like list’s of websites I have worked on and what my role was - Read More -

November 15, 2007

New Design + Fresh Start.

if you visited this blog before you might just notice the new design that has just been uploaded and activated. This new design was designed by James of Eat Fruit Please, if you need a designer for anything I can safely say James is your man. I have brought several designs of him and each - Read More -

November 5, 2007

An Update

I am pleased to tell you that a new version of this blog will be coming soon. Quite a few new features will appear too, like a aggregator menu for any blogs I think readers of this blog will like. Another feature that will also be finally making an appearance is comments. I left it - Read More -

October 15, 2007

Today – Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day well here in the UK it is drawing to a close. I was hoping to post a few hours ago but was busy. So excuse me, and as it is late sorry if I make any mistakes. Lately in the UK every news broadcast whether it be at 1Pm or - Read More -

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