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September 22, 2012

Buffer UIActivity

This week I have been busy putting the final touches to the Buffer UIActivity I started way back in June at WWDC. Now that iOS6 is out in the wild I can reveal it. Anyone wanting to integrate Buffer support into their iOS apps can do so easily using the new iOS6 UIActivityViewController and the - Read More -

September 4, 2011

iOS Conferences

This week sees me at two iOS conferences. I’ll be at updateConf in Brighton before heading back to Birmingham for a quick pit stop before setting off for iOSDevUK in Aberystwyth. Thanks goes to 383 Project for the tickets to both conferences as well as the time to get to both in one week. I’ll - Read More -

August 11, 2011

Magic Bean coming to Mac!

Recently I have been working away on Magic Bean for iOS v1.4 which is coming along nicely. A set of brand new features will be hitting the App Store soon. I’ve taken a short break from that to work on Magic Bean for Mac which will allow Beanstalk users to deploy sites right from their - Read More -

May 14, 2011

Learn By Doing

This year saw me release my first personal iPhone app, which is now available as a Universal iPhone and iPad app. Last November I decided I wanted to create an iPhone app for Beanstalk. At the time I wasn’t sure I’d be able to develop all the features I wanted myself without help but I’m - Read More -

January 12, 2011

Magic Bean – Beanstalk iPhone App Launched

Last week saw me release my first personal iPhone app onto the App Store. Magic Bean allows developers to login to their own Beanstalk account to view recent revisions within repositories and also allows sites/projects to be deployed when you’re away from your computer screen via the app. Beanstalk is a nice web app made - Read More -

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