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February 19, 2008

Use WordPress? Getting Spammed?

Most of the bloggers I know are been spammed, there are quite a few different ways to stop spam from occurring on your site. One would be the use of a Captcha plugin to display an image with some text the commenter has to input into a verification field. While this is effective, it can - Read More -

February 18, 2008

New Projects

Well its becoming apparent with my new job that I just don’t get enough time to come on here and post as much. I will try my hardest to come up with some kind of plan to make sure the blog is updated as much as possible, but till then expect a post a week. - Read More -

February 10, 2008

My Picks – 10th February

Decided to continue with my ‘My Picks’ posts, as my other posts I have been writing still need some finishing touches before I actually post them up. Some of my picks are just funny videos, some are great articles. Firstly, James McDonald of EatFruitPlease has yet again created some great posts. I just have to - Read More -

February 8, 2008

Use a Content Management System?

Do you use a CMS? Is it WordPress, Drupal, Mambo/Joomla? Have you looked around at what other systems are around? Have you tried e107? No? Maybe you should try it out. As I keep reminding readers of my blog my CMS of choice is e107, has been for years. The main reason for this is - Read More -

January 30, 2008

My Picks – 30th January

I have decided to hold back on some of the posts I have created, as I know for a fact now I am working I will need to write all the blog content in advance, just starting to build up a selection of posts/articles to keep this blog alive. So this post is going to - Read More -

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