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December 23, 2007

e107Advent A Success!

It seems like ages since I was last signed into this site and writing a blog post. Not surprising, after all that has been going on, with e107Advent, client work and traveling… e107Advent ended on the 20th, no more releases for another year. It has been such a great thing to do, I started December - Read More -

December 7, 2007

Jon Wheatley –

This is just the first of many posts that will mainly focus on reviewing and advertising other bloggers blogs I personally read frequently. Before releasing this newly designed Mach2Designs, I didn’t find myself reading blogs that much. Just after I released this new look I was looking around for some interesting blogs to add to - Read More -

December 2, 2007


e107Advent has started, for the last month or two I have been working on this project. My main goal was to 1. Make up for my lack of activity this year within the e107 community and 2. get my name well known within the e107 community again. I have just a few minutes ago released - Read More -

November 26, 2007

Good Feeling

I just sent off my CV to another company a few minutes ago. I have to say this one I actually feel pretty good about. After looking at there website and after seeing what they do I can safely say I would love to be part of there team. I’m not just saying this because - Read More -

November 22, 2007

Job Hunting

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days but I have been busy job hunting, so far so good. Tomorrow morning I will be sending my CV off to a few company’s along with some extra’s they have asked for, like list’s of websites I have worked on and what my role was - Read More -

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