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November 18, 2007

e107′s Admin Area

Carrying on from yesterdays post explaining what e107 is, I have decided to carry on writing about e107 to create a series of posts taking you through parts of e107. This post will focus on the admin area. The admin area is the main hub of an e107 site, this is where you add content, - Read More -

November 17, 2007

What is e107?

The following post was written due to many email questions asking ‘What is e107?’. e107 is a Open Source Content Management System, developed using PHP and MySQL. It is developed by a handful of developers who proudly give up there spare time to keep the CMS up to date and moving up in the world - Read More -

November 16, 2007

Children in Need Promotion

Update November 2009: For those people hitting my site looking for Pudsey’s Paypal address it is the following ‘’. You can find other ways of sending your donations in on the following page. These are the following services I will be offering for today’s Children in Need. Payment will need to be made via paypal - Read More -

November 15, 2007

New Design + Fresh Start.

if you visited this blog before you might just notice the new design that has just been uploaded and activated. This new design was designed by James of Eat Fruit Please, if you need a designer for anything I can safely say James is your man. I have brought several designs of him and each - Read More -

November 5, 2007

An Update

I am pleased to tell you that a new version of this blog will be coming soon. Quite a few new features will appear too, like a aggregator menu for any blogs I think readers of this blog will like. Another feature that will also be finally making an appearance is comments. I left it - Read More -

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