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October 15, 2007

Today – Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day well here in the UK it is drawing to a close. I was hoping to post a few hours ago but was busy. So excuse me, and as it is late sorry if I make any mistakes. Lately in the UK every news broadcast whether it be at 1Pm or - Read More -

October 6, 2007

SimplePie Feed Parser

Lately I have been developing inBlogs, a site which aggregates posts from 148 (and growing) web-related blogs into one place. These are then split into pages. In this post what SimplePie is, more detailed posts will follow. What exactly is SimplePie? The script allows you to parse RSS and ATOM feeds in PHP, which allows - Read More -

October 6, 2007

e107 Themes and Plugins

Well as most of you know by now I have been using e107 for quite a few years and will continue to do so. A year or so back I was releasing quite alot of themes. I am happy to announce that once again I will be releasing themes on a semi regular basis, dependent - Read More -

October 2, 2007

Ordered a iPod Touch

So I promised some photo’s in the last post, sorry I haven’t got them up yet I am currently in the Isle Of Wight. I will get them up as soon as I can. I have ordered a iPod Touch, but i’m still waiting for Comet to get back to me confirming the order and - Read More -

September 23, 2007

New iMac.

Yesterday I got a new 24″ iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse. It just about fits onto my desk, after doing some little alterations to the desk mind you. I haven’t done ahy designing/coding on it yet as I am still loading programs onto it etc… Bust so far so good, I am also hoping - Read More -

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