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September 20, 2007

2 posts in 2 days?

The inBlogs updates yesterday seem to have quickened the site up more, I still have some work to do on the site to make it load instantly. These will most likely come when the SimplePie cache is saved in a MySQL database and not files. Today I finally did the next test on my web - Read More -

September 19, 2007

inBlogs etc…

The new version of the Aggregator plugin for e107 is now online on inBlogs, I may be releasing the plugin to the e107 community soon depending on what bugs I come across and demand. Still need to figure out how to set up a cron-job for SimplePie so it keeps the cache up to date - Read More -

August 4, 2007

Learning Illustrator

Having noticed that most of the web design jobs around in Birmingham (UK) require basic Illustrator skills I have decided to start to learn Illustrator. I have wanted to use the program for a while for logo’s etc. However I thought that as my art skill is about 0 I never started to learn. I - Read More -

August 1, 2007

New Site Online

If you have visited this blog before then you will notice I have added a new site to the screenshot area above. This site was created in a pretty short amount of time, although some features still need to be completed the main community side of things are working and been used by members. I - Read More -

July 26, 2007

Work for myself

Finally I have been able to do some work on my own projects. I have managed to install a plugin onto Macommand that will keep it updated for me automatically, so far so good. I have also managed to do some more work on the ever growing Aggregator plugin. I also spent the weekend cleaning - Read More -

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