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July 18, 2007

Aggregator Plugin Going Well

Still working on this plugin for e107 using the SimplePie script, it is going well but I have had to take a break to fit in client work. I have also been working on some plans for Macommand, some of which will also use the SimplePie script to make possible. I will be updating the - Read More -

July 5, 2007


I did a bit of work on my new site Macommand. The site is going to be a blog covering the latest programs/widgets/sites that appear on the internet for Mac users. Hopefully the site will allow people to find programs/widgets/links that are an interest to them. Once the site has a few blog posts up - Read More -

July 4, 2007

What a day

Spent most of the day messing around with MooTools, and doing some tiny edits to that Aggregator plugin. However seeing as the script i’m using is having new releases every week I might wait a few weeks for most of the bugs to be fixed. I’m also going to be busy the next few days - Read More -

July 3, 2007

New sites

I know I have a few inactive sites at the moment, ones that are in development mainly. It just takes time so in the meantime while wrapping client work around mine I am looking for a few sites to buy and get online. This way I can fill up some of my server space with - Read More -

July 2, 2007

Just finished some coding

After coding for about 6/7 hours straight I can finally take a break. I am currently keeping my eye on a few auctions on a few freelance forums. Looking to buy a new site that will be easy to maintain and easy to advertise. I finally have money coming in again after a while of - Read More -

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