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February 23, 2009


17 days ago Pete Ashton suggested a “thisisbrum” Twitter account to create a definative list of Tweeters in the region. I decided that this would be a cool idea and soon set up the “@thisisbrum” Twitter account. I started following a few well known Birmingham Twitter users then left the account for a good week or two (thanks to problems with my landlord).

Saturday I decided to get out and “chill out” a bit. I started by heading into the Town Centre and meet up with the Flash mob people. I took a few photo’s that I will be uploading to Flickr as soon as I get a Wifi connection at work. I met with a few recogniseable Twitter users and put faces to names.

I then set out across to Digbeth with Mark Steadman and Michael Grimes to spend the rest of the day with the Multipack, who had the first of the new ‘presents‘ events. Right at the end of the talks an interesting discussion started thanks to Andy Mabbett about other events the Multipack might be interested in, it soon became a discussion about linking several networks like Brum Bloggers, Social Media Cafe and Multipack etc… together in some way.

A small dicussion outside of ‘The old crown’ in Digbeth with Stuart Langridge and Bruce Lawson about how using Twitter to get people down to BrumTwestival a few weeks ago had been a success, and how it would be useful for getting people who haven’t tried coming along and joining in with such groups. Stuart also said he’d like to see about getting ‘Birmingham’ back on the map for groups/events like Multipack.

Over the rest of the weekend I set about following as many Brum Twitter users to try and get the ‘difinitive list’ of Twitter users on the account, so far very successful. A big thank you to everyone who has followed or retweeted to get the message out there.

Things planned for @thisisbrum

- RSS Feed of Followers

- Bot to follow new Brum Twitter Users

- Event/Meetup announcements (Sent in via DM).

- Engaging more with the Brum users.

That’s pretty much it so far… But how would you want @thisisbrum used?

February 11, 2009

The Lack of Appreciation Society

Following on from yesterdays annoyance, today’s annoyance is the lack of appreciation people give when something is done that’s helpful to them.

Doing someone a favour and not getting anything back is one of the worst feelings I’ve come across. It makes you question why you bothered to help them.

Yes they are a friend but just a tiny comment to say “thanks” is all that’s needed to make someone feel good for helping out. They’ve given their time and helped you, the least you could do is say “thank you”. No?

February 10, 2009

The Bus Natterer

I thought I’d start a little series on my blog, which will be about day to day annoyances I encounter. I’m sure some of them you will know of from your own experiences. Its also another way of getting content and another way for me to vent my stress. In these posts I do not mean to cause any offense. If you get offended I’m truly sorry. Now let’s get down to business…

As I write this i’m on a bus, in front of me is a young lady who has been chatting on her phone for over an hour. Constantly breaking into laughter and nearly shouting every so often.

Yes, sure ring someone for a quick conversation. Or even longer if your quiet and not the shouty loud mouthed shatterbox like the lady in front of me.

I’ve got my headphones in and can hear a guy shouting about having a kebab for dinner earlier. Who else on the bus cares?? Why not turn your voice down and have some consideration for everyone around you!

That is all!

January 29, 2009

The Decisive Twitter Links List

Following on from my Twitter Twends post. I thought I’d try and make a list of every Twitter App/Mashup/Tool. Obviously that’s near impossible but I can at least get as many as I can!

This list is a work in progress. If you see a link you feel is in the wrong section, that doesn’t work, or have a suggestion simply leave a comment and i’ll get it added/amended/removed.

Please note : Be careful when logging into your Twitter accounts on other sites.

You can Digg this post here.

So let’s begin…

Twitter icons designed by Flockey Web Development

  • Twitter Apps
    • Tweet Deck – A powerful Twitter application, that lets you group users as well as follow search words/hash tags.
    • Twirl – Allows you to monitor multiple Twitter accounts.
    • Snitter – Adobe AIR powered Twitter App
    • Twitterific – A Mac Twitter app to read and publish Tweets (also a iPod Touch/Iphone app).
    • Witty – A free, open source client for Windows Vista and XP powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation.
    • Tweetr – Mac and PC Adobe AIR Twitter client.
    • gtwitter – A Linux Twitter client, for reading and posting Tweets.
    • Twitterberry – A twitter app for BlackBerry
  • iPhone Twitter Apps
  • Twitter Tools
    • Twitter Snooze – Allows you to stop following someone for a few days.
    • Qwitter – Find out who and when people unfollow you.
    • Twitterless – Find out who unfollow’s you, with graphs and stats.
    • TwitterFeed – Post blog entries automatically on Twitter.
    • Tweet Later – Productivity tools for Twitter.
    • Tweet2Tweet – Monitor Twitter conversations.
    • TweetCube – Send files via Twitter
    • Twitscoop – View what’s hot on Twitter right now.
    • Twitter Spy – Show’s the public timeline with a map in real time.
    • FriendOrFollow – Who are you following that’s not following you back, vice versa?
    • Mr. Tweet – Suggests good followers, recommends you to others and updates you with your stats.
    • TwitterCounter – View the most popular users on Twitter, and track your account.
    • Twinfluence – Measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers.
    • Matt – Multiple account twitter tweeting, post to multiple accounts without the hassle of logging in everytime.
    • Splittweet – Multi-account Twitter management
    • jott – Voice to Twitter posts.
    • Remember The Milk – Task management via Twitter
    • StrawPoll – Tiny polls in 140 characters or less
    • tweetburner – Track the links you share on Twitter
    • Tweetmeme – Tracks how many mentions of a link is posted on Twitter and presents them.
    • TweetWheel – Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.
    • Twistory – Add your Twitter backlog to your favorite calendar application.
    • Twitsig – Generate an image containing your latest Tweet, to be used as a forum sig.
    • Twits Like Me – Find new friend on Twitter that probably share your interests.
    • Twitturly – A service for tracking URLs on Twitter.
    • TwitterSnooze – Allows you to temporarily block noisy Twitter friends.
    • Who Should I Follow? – Helps you find people to follow on Twitter, that you may find interesting.
    • TwitterReply – Replies sent to your designated email address.
    • Twitter100 – See tweets from up to 100 followers on one single page.
    • Twitter Blacklist -Provides a list of known spammers of various kinds on Twitter.
  • Twitter Trend Tools
    • Twist – Monitor Twitter Trends
    • #hashtags – Provide stats and reports to allow users to track what’s happening now.
    • TwitterBuzz – The most popular links posted on Twitter over the last day.
  • Twitter Files/Image/Video Tools
    • TwitPic – Share images via Twitter
    • Visual Twitter – Upload photo’s to be shown on Visual Twitter
    • Twixxer – Share and view photos and videos via Twitter
    • SnapTweet – Easily share Flickr pictures on Twitter
    • AutoPostr – Lets your Flickr uploads to be automatically posted on your Twitter.
    • Twiddeo – Post Twitter updates with Video
    • Twittershare – Share pictures, music, video, and other files with friends.
  • Twitter Search
    • TweetGrid – Create a Twitter Search Dashboard
    • monitter – Lets you monitor Tweets with certain keywords
    • Tweet Scan – Search Twitter and other microblogging sites.
    • Twitterment – A search engine that searches tweets using Google.
  • Twitter Mashups
  • Twitter Location Apps/Mash ups/Tools
  • Twitter Browser Plugins
    • TwitterFox – Firefox extension to notify you of your friends’ tweets.
    • TwitBin – Send and receive messages to your fellow tweeters, everywhere from within Firefox.
    • TwitKit – A Twitter kit extension for Firefox.
    • Twitzer – A Firefox extension that lets you tweet longer than 140 characters.
  • Twitter Stats
    • Tweetstats – Generates graphs for tweets per hour and month, as well as reply stats.
    • TwitGraph – Generates Pie Charts for your Twitter account.
    • Twitter Grader – Evaluates your Twitter account and gives you a Twitter Grade.
    • Twitter Ratio – Your ratio of followers and how many people you follow.
    • Twitter Value – How much is your Twitter account worth?
    • Twitstat – Real time Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Misc
    • Tweelove – Send anonymous Twitter greeting’s (Tweelove) to another Twitter user.
    • TwitterKeys – Enhance your Tweets with UTF8 characters.
    • Commuter Feed – Traffic and transit updates using Twitter
    • Foamee – Track who you owe beer of coffee to (and vice versa)
    • FoodFeed – Helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere.
    • Twadio – Silent radio for Twitter
    • twistori – The first step in an ongoing social experiment.
    • Tweet what you eat – Your Twitter powered food diary
    • Wordy Birdie – A Twitter based word frequency quessing game.
  • (Might Be) Useful Twitter Accounts
    • inBlogs – Twitter of aggregated posts from, all web design/development related.
    • @gasprices – News and information about gas prices
    • @timer – A Twitter bot that helps you set an alarm for things you need to remember.
    • Twitter Bestsellers – Reports the #1 bestselling books, music, movies…
January 29, 2009

Twitter Twends

Last year saw Twitters traffic increase of 974%. This year Twitter is set to trump that, I say that as recently it’s seen boosts from newspaper’s, TV and celebs.

The most noticeable boost saw my personal following timeline flooded with messages talking about Stephen Fry and Jonathon Ross talking about Twitter on Friday Night with Jonathon Ross.

Anyway, that’s not quite what this blog post is about. Lately I’ve seen a growing number of people using ‘Tw’ in branding of events and apps and now general Tweets.

The one example that deserves the biggest mention is Twestival. Twestival started last year as a single event held in London, UK. It was held to raise money for a local homeless charity and for Tweeple (Twitter users) to meet and greet some familiar Twitter users.

Now the event has gone global with 100+ events planned to be held worldwide on February 12th. This time round all of the events will be raising money for Charity:Water. A charity, which raises funds to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

This just shows how powerful Twitter and it’s ‘Tw’ can be. Without Twitter and the way it allows topics/ideas/events to be sent out and spread worldwide a ‘estival’ wouldn’t be as widely known about.

That’s not to say other social networking sites couldn’t arrange something as big. But what’s impressing about Twestival it’s using 140 characters, and now has hundreds of volunteers working hard making sure February 12th is a day to put in the Twitter ‘Twistory’ books.

Twestival has featured in newspapers, popular blogs and on radio. If you would like to know more about Twestival please visit the Twestival site.

On another note, 383 Project and a few other Birmingham Tweeple are helping to organize Birmingham’s own Twestival. You can find out more here.

It’s amazing to see how what started off as 1 event has grown and developed into a worldwide event.

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