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February 28, 2008

Bluey v1.1

This is a e107 theme that was created as part of my ‘e107Advent’ project that ran in Christmas 07.

Bluey v1.1

Download Bluey v1.1

February 19, 2008

Use WordPress? Getting Spammed?

Most of the bloggers I know are been spammed, there are quite a few different ways to stop spam from occurring on your site.

One would be the use of a Captcha plugin to display an image with some text the commenter has to input into a verification field. While this is effective, it can annoy visitors and you will ultimately loose comments on your blog

Another way, is to use the Askimet plugin that is packaged within WordPress. Once you have it installed and running it will catch spam comments, as well as a script can. Personally the script hasn’t failed me once, it has never held back a legit comment and has never missed a spam comment.

Now this is a great way to keep spam ‘Unapproved’. But I go one further and ban the spammers IP’s from the blog. I have banned 4 IP’s so far and I haven’t had a spam comment in 5 days, before I was getting one every few hours. To ban the IP’s from viewing my blog I use the WP-Ban plugin. Askimet provides the IP’s, then if an IP spams more than twice it I add it to the banlist.

Just a quick little tip I thought i’d share.

February 18, 2008

New Projects

Well its becoming apparent with my new job that I just don’t get enough time to come on here and post as much. I will try my hardest to come up with some kind of plan to make sure the blog is updated as much as possible, but till then expect a post a week.

I have started working on a few new personal projects these past 2 weeks, all of them i’m really happy with so far. Just need to find the time to complete them. Work is continuing on the e107 guides, making slow progress towards the first releasable version. Sorry to everyone who expect it in the next week or two. There is just too much to write about just the e107 basics.

As soon as I have information for you on my new projects/e107 guide then i’ll post it here. Traffic continues to increase, and additions to this site are coming (slowly). One of the bigger updates is going to include a page with aggregated “Interesting Blog’s”  but displaying more content than the current aggregator on the homepage.

Just to answer the most asked question via my contact form recently, work is great thanks. Really enjoying it so far, just wish email newsletters were easier to develop.

February 10, 2008

My Picks – 10th February

Decided to continue with my ‘My Picks’ posts, as my other posts I have been writing still need some finishing touches before I actually post them up. Some of my picks are just funny videos, some are great articles.

Firstly, James McDonald of EatFruitPlease has yet again created some great posts. I just have to this one post, which is his ‘Remember Quality Coding Is Worth The Same As Quality Design‘. James talks about something that is kind of releated to something that was said to me at work last week. A developer should always have a keen eye for design, what do I mean by this? Well a developer should be able to code the particular design without leaving any of the details out. So things like keeping awkward to code gradients in and making sure the code fits the original design as close as it can.

Secondly, Once again another post by James. This one titled ‘Creating A Reputation Online‘ has tips for freelancers that need a reputation online to keep work and income flowing.

Thirdly, Bryan Le of wrote an article about ‘The Design Brief‘. In this article Bryan gives you tips on how to create the perfect design brief for you and the client, as well as giving you a sample design brief to help you get on your way.

Finally, I made a blog post detailing some of e107′s features in my ‘Use a Content Management System?‘ post. With reasons you should try it if you use a CMS.

I should be posting some of these posts soon, some tutorials, reviews and articles are on there way.

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