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February 8, 2008

Use a Content Management System?

Do you use a CMS? Is it WordPress, Drupal, Mambo/Joomla? Have you looked around at what other systems are around?

Have you tried e107? No? Maybe you should try it out.

As I keep reminding readers of my blog my CMS of choice is e107, has been for years. The main reason for this is the way it works and how simple it is to understand and use. I have used several content management systems in my time on the web and well some I have liked and some I have used once and never used again.

The two systems I use now are e107 and WordPress. WordPress is more suitable for blogs than e107, its a great system and I love using it. Just like WordPress is great for blogs, e107 is great for alot of other things. Sites that require more interaction with the user, with features like forums, profiles, chatboxes etc… These are just a tiny selection of the features that are included within e107.

With the ever growing plugin database adding to e107 functionality as well as the core been developed continuously e107 may just be the right CMS for one of your sites.

Some Core e107 Features…

  • News System
  • Submit News System – Allows users to submit news to your site.
  • Custom Menu/Pages System – Includes a menu activation area to set menu’s to a certain area within your sites theme.
  • Flood Protection System, allow auto banning of IP’s flooding your site.
  • Downloads System
  • Uploads System
  • Banner AdSystem, rotating adverts.
  • Core Plugins, Forum, Chatbox, Event Calender, Stats, Google Sitemap, Links Page, RSS and many more…

So why not go and try e107 for yourself, download it here or view a demo here.

January 30, 2008

My Picks – 30th January

I have decided to hold back on some of the posts I have created, as I know for a fact now I am working I will need to write all the blog content in advance, just starting to build up a selection of posts/articles to keep this blog alive.

So this post is going to be a bit different I will be posting my selection of blog posts I have read this week and enjoyed. Some are just funny silly videos, some are normal clever articles.

Firstly, Jon Wheatley of posted a video after picking up a tablet off the floor thinking it was proplus. Ofcourse it wasn’t and the effects can be seen in the video on the post.

Secondly, James McDonald has been busy this past week creating post after post. He posted a list of 10 Top E-Commerce Website Designs, of course these were his personal opinion but he has chosen wisely. A great post for some ideas/inspiration for any E-Commerce sites your working on or planning.

Thirdly, HTML 5 Specs have been released. Been clouded over by talks about an IE6 autoupdate as well as IE8 talk, SitePoint has posted a quick overview for people who don’t want to read the whole spec.

Finally just around the corner from the 383 office a rather random natural wonder happened. I give you The Birmingham Geyser.

January 27, 2008

Where have you been?

Just one of the questions I was emailed these past 2 weeks. Well I have now found time to quickly answer this question.

I have got myself a job, after looking on and off for about a year. On Monday 21st I started working as a freelancer for a creative agency called 383project. The work I do for them is basically coding their wonderful designs into XHTML & CSS, as well as script integration (things like Wordpres & e107). I work for 3 days a week for them and the guys are nice enough to let me work the other 2 days in the office to do my own work without any distractions, like the ones I would get working at home.

My first week went very well, I was a bit nervous on the first day. But now it feels like i’ve been working there for months. I actually look forward to getting into the office to start working on whatever is on my to-do list. The list tends to grow day by day just as fast as I cross things off.

So thats my answer to ‘Where have you been?’. I will hopefully post quite a few posts this week focusing on blogs I started to read in 2007 and how they interest me and how they might interest you.

January 15, 2008

Several Updates

Firstly, CSSHive gained a new feature a few days back. This feature allows sites that are submitted to CSSHive to become the featured site of the day, which means they will be featured on the homepage with a bigger screenshot. If your site becomes featured ultimately you can be sure that your traffic for that day will shoot up. So go and submit your sites.

I am personally very proud to have been part of CSSHive and its creation, its seems to be doing very well so far which is something thats always nice to know about a project you have worked on.

Secondly, I had an interview on Monday and fingers crossed I will hear something in the next few days. I am currently waiting for an email with a test project for me to complete and send back to them. Personally I think the interview went great, and my experience with e107. went down well. I showed them e107 running on my laptop and I would say they liked what they saw instantly.

Thirdly, My e107 guide/manual project hasn’t really progressed in the last week but after I have finished up some client work and done some of my own work I will be focusing more of my time writing away to get a quite sizable guide/manual out. Other work I am doing for e107 may also slow the writing down but it will be worth it.

Lastly, I updated a few of my e107Advent themes since my last blog post. Details of the updates can be seen on the e107Advent website. More updates will be coming soon.

January 8, 2008

Josh Buckley –

Its been a while since I did a ‘review/plug’ of a fellow blogger, this time its the turn of Josh Buckley.

I recently starting reading Josh’s blog after Jon Wheatley mentioned him on his video blog a few times.

So who is Josh Buckley? He is a 15 year old, internet entrepreneur from England, UK. He has been interviewed many times, just recently he was interviewed by retire@21, the interview can be found here. To find out more about him visit his blogs about page.

Just 2 days ago Josh set out to have his redesigned blog up within 24 hours and I can happily say he managed it and it looks superb. Its a vast improvement on the last design and just makes the blog so much nicer to read.

I haven’t really spoken to Josh, apart from a few quick emails back and fourth after commenting on his blog for the first time. He even managed to call me James in one of them. However if you need someone to look up too then Josh is the guy, his blog is a good read too!

Visit Josh’s Blog.

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