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January 5, 2008


Last year I went to the Internet World exhibition in London, and while I was there I found a neat little site that was launched at the show. The site allowed you to download a toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer then you were able to bookmark sites using the toolbar using ‘Jumptags‘.

This toolbar allows you to search your tags, so if you typed in forum you would get all the sites that you tagged with the word forum, you can then click on the site you wish to visit and it would take your browser to the site. I then stopped using the toolbar after upgrading my iMac and Macbook.

Just yesterday I received an email letting me know about a new feature of the site, it allows you to add a tag cloud of your Jumptags to your website. I have created a new Jumptags account, and have added this tag cloud to my sidebar. I will be adding more Jumptags as I find sites that I like. I think this is a pretty neat feature, it allows any visitors to my blog to see sites that I am interested in and that they may also be interested in.

For more information about Jumptags go and read their blog, more importantly read this for an understanding of why Jumptags is beyond social bookmarking.

To try Jumptags for your self go and visit their site and sign up.

January 2, 2008

e107 v0.7.11 Out Now!

As my CMS of choice is e107 and I am happy to announce that v0.7.11 was released yesterday. This release will most likely be the last release of the 0.7 branch. Its is a bugfix release like the past few releases. Unless a security issue, large bug or anything else crops up that requires attention this will be the last 0.7 release.

The e107 development team are now going to focus on 0.8. Instead of working on both the 0.7 and 0.8 branch’s, they can focus on the one and devote there efforts solely on 0.8. Currently there is no idea when 0.8 will be out, i’d take a guess at a few months till see see it been released.

In the mean time you can of course grab a copy of the CVS files. My CVS updates will resume soon when I am back in Birmingham.

You can read the developers roadmaps here.

If you running e107 and want to update or want to try e107 for the first time go here.

January 1, 2008


I am excited to announce that Adam Roberts has released CSSHive, A CSS gallery that is ‘A Hive full of dangerously hot webdesign’.

I have been working for Adam the last few weeks, coding CSSHive. Its been a great way of learning more about WordPress. As well as that its been great to work with such a talented designer on such a great project.

I coded CSSHive in return for 2 designs, one of which was released for e107Advent. Its been a pleasure to work with Adam and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Good luck to CSSHive in 2008.

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I’d like to wish everyone who visits this blog a Happy New Year.

After several months searching for a job, I am hoping that 2008 brings me more luck and that by the end of the year I can be funding myself and several of my projects I want to get off the ground. My main goal for the year is to get a full time job in web development.

Once I do get a job I want to start thinking about ‘flying the nest’ so to speak. I’d love to have my own space to manage projects from. Hopefully this time next year I can be writing this post from my own place. We’ll see.

Hope everyone has a great year.

December 30, 2007

e107 Theming Guide

For e107Advent I started work on a Theming Guide for e107. This was going to help people with some knowledge in web design/development create themes for e107. So web designers can get an idea of how to code their designs. I decided to let the e107 community decide what topics I covered in the guide, this way I would hopefully fill in the gaps that aren’t currently filled in documentation.

Now while I carry on writing for the next version of the guide, I have had many requests to write guides for other areas of e107. This is something I have already started work on a while ago but focus turned onto other things. After I have gotten a few projects completed in the New Year this main guide will hopefully be released and updated throughout the year. Once again with content requested by e107 users, to fill in any gaps in the current documentation.

If you have any requests for e107 documentation then feel free to contact me.

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