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December 28, 2007

Adding Digg Links To Certain Posts In WordPress

The last few days I have been improving this blog, adding more interesting blogs, BlogRush widget as well as some changes in the code (i.e fixing the navigation rollover).

I have added some code to the posts that shows a ‘Digg This’ link on posts I have submitted to Digg and only these posts. This can be seen on the bottom of my EyeTV Hybird Review and this post. This uses 1 wordpress custom field and some PHP in the WordPress theme files. You may or may not want to use this method of adding Digg links to your blog but this one works for me and I wanted to share.

This only allows people to digg posts you have submitted yourself, its not a way of allowing people to submit your posts to digg themselves. If you want to do this search Google or try this.

Open your WordPress theme’s index.php file. Then find the section of code where you want to display the Digg link. Make sure its in The Loop. Then paste the following code within PHP tags and removing the spaces in the link.

$values = get_post_custom_values("Digg");
if ( $values != "" ) {
echo "< a href=' ".$values[0]." '>Digg This< /a>";

As you can see it uses the get_post_custom_values() tag to get the value of a custom field named Digg.

Now navigate to your Blogs WordPress Admin Area and find the post you want to add a Digg link too, once on this page navigate down to a section named ‘Custom Fields’. Now you want to fill in the form with Digg as your Key and the Digg URL as your Value like this. Once thats done then click the ‘Add Custom Field’ button and you should have a post with a Digg This link. Its then up to you how you want to style it, you can edit the PHP to make it display how you want.

Once your first post has been done next time you simply need to navigate down the the Custom Fields section and select Digg in the dropdown menu and add your Digg link to the value and then click the ‘Add Custom Field’ button and that post will have its Digg This Button. Of course you can only add the Digg custom field in after you have posted it to Digg.

Now why did I decide to do this instead of add Digg links to all posts?

Well some of my posts I don’t really want digging so I decided the ones I do want digging I will submit myself and use the above method to quickly add the Digg link to the particular post.

I will be editing this post to display the code better when I get the chance.

Any problems or comments feel free to submit them.

December 25, 2007

EyeTV Hybrid Review

Well firstly I hope you all are having/had a very Merry Christmas. On Saturday I traveled down to the Isle Of Wight to spend Christmas with my Dad. This meant I had a Mini Christmas with my Mom and family in Birmingham on Friday. That was great, another great thing was that I could have my presents early.

One of them was an EyeTV Hybrid, which I actually brought a few weeks back and my Mom was kind enough to let me open and use it there and then. Thanks Mom! The EyeTV Hybrid is a TV tuner for Macs, it recieves both analog and Freeview. It comes packaged with an antenna, remote, break-out cable, USB cable, EyeTV Software.

Once I had gotten it home and the software installed on it was just a case of plugging the USB stick into my iMac and plugging in the ever so small Antenna and placing it onto a suitable magnetic surface (very important!). Once that was all set up I made EyeTV (The Software) search for channels. I of course scanned Freeview and to my amazement it found 80+ channels (including radio, interactive, and teletext channels).

The scanning stopped and I flicked through the channels looking for any of them that were dropping out. Each channel was perfect. This amazed me as the Antenna is tiny, and I had set up Freeview boxes before using bigger Antennas and had never received that amount of channels. Signal quality was 100%, while Signal strength was 78%.

The break-out cable allows you to attach other TV devices, such as game consoles. This break-out cable allows you to use S-Video, Composite Video and Stereo Audio. Just a note about consoles, EyeTV doesn’t support Pal 60, which is required by some games. There are ways round it which I am going to try soon myself.

The recording features in EyeTV are great too, set up what you want to record using the integrated tvtv program guide and once the program is finished and recording stopped you can play it back in great quality. While watching or recording a program you can pause it, and rewind and watch it again or just watch the last minute if you left the room. You can of course also fast forward so the TV is live again.

Overall the EyeTV Hybrid is just awesome, I recommend it to anyone with a Mac, or anyone who wants to just watch what you want to watch on TV instead of what others want to watch, or anyone who just wants to watch TV in piece without buying a new TV. I think I covered all possible reasons.

To read more, and see images of just how small the product is (especially the antenna). Click Here.

December 23, 2007

e107Advent A Success!

It seems like ages since I was last signed into this site and writing a blog post. Not surprising, after all that has been going on, with e107Advent, client work and traveling…

e107Advent ended on the 20th, no more releases for another year. It has been such a great thing to do, I started December thinking that I wouldn’t be able to release as much stuff as I would of liked. In the end I released something every 2 days. 9 themes and 1 theming guide that I am going to update as much as possible throughout the year. All them releases have racked up just over 1000 downloads, they will all be available all year round for all e107 users to enjoy.

Thanks has to go to Adam Roberts for creating a design for one of the themes. It gave me a much needed break to sort other things out as well as work on some development work, I am currently doing for him. News of which will hopefully follow in the next week or two.

As some of you know I am searching for a job, have been for a while and still am. The last week saw me applying for a few more jobs as well as receiving a few calls from agencies who had found my CV on Monster. I am hoping that I get something early 2008 and start the year off well. So fingers crossed for that.

Now, if your a blogger here is something that you might be interested in… A new community created for bloggers to discuss topics such as marketing, monetization, development and SEO. The community is called Blogussion and has been created by James McDonald (Designer of this blog’s design) and Oliver. Its been very helpful to me already, which is why I will be making a few changes to this blog when I get the chance.

Hopefully I will be able to fit in another post before Christmas Day but if not have a great one and enjoy it.

December 7, 2007

Jon Wheatley –

This is just the first of many posts that will mainly focus on reviewing and advertising other bloggers blogs I personally read frequently.

Before releasing this newly designed Mach2Designs, I didn’t find myself reading blogs that much. Just after I released this new look I was looking around for some interesting blogs to add to my little aggregator at the bottom of the homepage. After visiting a few blogs I came across Jon’s and went through and read each update. Each one well written and well spoken (vblog entries) and more importantly interesting.

Lately Jon has made some great vblogs that just make you laugh out loud, sometimes that’s what you need (a good laugh). He also releases Outakes, one of which he talks about people who vblog that are slow paced, but in this outake guess who is slow paced?

Jon is one of those bloggers that makes you want to come back for more and more, I myself visit his site about 2-3 times a day to check for a new post or vblog. – Jon Wheatley’s Blog

December 2, 2007


e107Advent has started, for the last month or two I have been working on this project. My main goal was to 1. Make up for my lack of activity this year within the e107 community and 2. get my name well known within the e107 community again.

I have just a few minutes ago released my first e107 theme for about a year and a half. I packaged it up after checking all the files, screenshoted the theme and then put it online. Now I am just promoting it within the e107 community.

I feel slightly disappointed that I didn’t manage to create all 15 themes I had planned but then again I didn’t expect to within the short time frame I gave myself. Hopefully while the days tick by in December I will be releasing and creating more themes to bump up the theme total.

To keep up to date with e107Advent theme releases keep checking this site.

Some other project news soon.

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