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November 26, 2007

Good Feeling

I just sent off my CV to another company a few minutes ago. I have to say this one I actually feel pretty good about. After looking at there website and after seeing what they do I can safely say I would love to be part of there team. I’m not just saying this because I hope that they are reading this, but I have sent off my CV to many company’s in the last few days but I have a funny feeling about this one. Can’t explain it.

I actually found the job advertised on Saturday but decided to wait till today to apply. I spent some of the weekend reading through their website, and searching for anything else I could find about the company. It would be great if I got the job as its only 1 bus away from me. Most of the other jobs I get agencies asking me about are around London or Bristol. not only is it close to me but I think it would be a great start to my career that so far hasn’t even began.

I ‘d like to think if I got this job I would be able to start to move on with my life (find a place to live etc). So wish me luck, i’ll be crossing my fingers till I get a response.

This week I am going to be creating the last few themes for my Christmas project, I am hoping they will all be done in time. If not then tough, I will just have to change my project ever so slightly. If any interviews are arranged they will take priority.

November 22, 2007

Job Hunting

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days but I have been busy job hunting, so far so good. Tomorrow morning I will be sending my CV off to a few company’s along with some extra’s they have asked for, like list’s of websites I have worked on and what my role was etc etc…

I am hoping this time I will a job, if not at least some good feedback. Former company’s I have applied for and gotten interviews I haven’t been that impressed with either 1. The interviewer, or 2. The bloody weather.

The last interview I went to had to be on a day it snowed, so I went to get the train to get to the interview and ended up with delay after delay. I got there in the end and I don’t think they were to pleased even with the weather. Then I was told to create a design for one of there clients, I was given certain instructions and completed the task and sent it off. I even got the receipt back saying it had been received. Then 2 – 3 weeks later get the job agency on the phone asking why I hadn’t sent the design to them. Wasn’t very impressed, sent it again and didn’t even get a peep out of them.

All I am asking for this time is either a job or some feedback, letting me know why I didn’t get the job, what I need to improve on etc. Is that so much to ask?

OK rant over, hopefully in the next day or two you will be seeing some screenshot’s of some upcoming e107 themes I will be releasing. If all goes well, if I don’t make a post I might be busy with interviews. *Fingers Crossed*

Feel free to share you job interview stories in comment section of this post.

November 18, 2007

e107′s Admin Area

Carrying on from yesterdays post explaining what e107 is, I have decided to carry on writing about e107 to create a series of posts taking you through parts of e107. This post will focus on the admin area.

The admin area is the main hub of an e107 site, this is where you add content, change settings and well quite alot of neat stuff really. Too much to explain here.

At the bottom of this post you will see a selection of thumbnails, click on them to view bigger images. They are all screenshots taken of e107 just after installation.

Screenshot 1 : This screenshot shows you what the Admin Frontpage looks like. This is the hub of your site, from here you can change every aspect of your site including adding plugins in the Plugin Manager, and changing themes in the Theme manager. Once you install e107 most users then go into the preferences to change things like site name etc…

Screenshot 2 : This screenshot shows you e107′s Preferences, here you start changing how your site works, whether people can register, what questions are asked on signup, enable flood protection and a lot more.

Screenshot 3 : This screenshot shows how easy it is to create pages for your site, simple type what you want your page to say and then change the settings to what you want and simply click Create Page.

Hopefully this has given you some idea of what e107′s backend looks like and how easy it is to use.

e107's Admin Areae107's Preferencese107's Custom Page Creator

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Download e107 Now!

November 17, 2007

What is e107?

The following post was written due to many email questions asking ‘What is e107?’.

e107 is a Open Source Content Management System, developed using PHP and MySQL. It is developed by a handful of developers who proudly give up there spare time to keep the CMS up to date and moving up in the world of CMS’s.

At the end of last month e107 came 3rd in the Packt Publishing Best PHP Open Source Content Management System Award. Just loosing out to Drupal and Joomla. This been the 2nd year running e107 has reached the final. Congratulations to all involved.

Not only is e107 free to download, but it includes all you need to set up a website in minutes as long as you have the correct hosting to do so. It includes several packaged features as well as a whole community dedicated to creating new plugins and themes. Some of the packaged features include, a forum, calender, downloads, news submission, news and many many more. To get an idea of all the features you get with e107 you’d have to see for yourself. To do this go here and view the demo installations.

e107 can easily be expanded to suit your needs, plugins can easily be created and if your lucky a suitable plugin has already been created. Styling your site is just as easy with many themes available to download, or if you know how to code/design then you can create your own. It’s easy!

Not only is e107 easy to develop and expand it also offers a great support base, with a documentation wiki, and a forum where members, the support team and developers all help you sort out any problems that may arise.

An official plugins has also been created meaning you don’t have to search the internet for any add-on’s you may want. An official themes site will be up and running in the near future.

So what are you wanting for, go and download e107 now.

If you have any questions regarding e107 then feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the contact page.

November 16, 2007

Children in Need Promotion

Update November 2009: For those people hitting my site looking for Pudsey’s Paypal address it is the following ‘’. You can find other ways of sending your donations in on the following page.

These are the following services I will be offering for today’s Children in Need. Payment will need to be made via paypal to Pudsey’s paypal. Once this is done and proof of the money been sent you will receive the finished files. So 100% of the money will go to Children in Need!

Work will be carried out on a first come first serve basis, as stated on my earlier blog post I want to complete all requests to make sure as much money is raised as possible. If demand is high then please be patient, you will be kept up to date with progress.

iTrader feedback from TalkFreelance can be seen here.

What services do you offer?
* WordPress Skin Coding
* e107 CMS Coding
* xHTML Coding

WordPress: Markup
Others available on request, need to upload them again.

e107 CMS:
AircraftRestoration.orgValid Markup
inBlogs.orgValid Markup (Has one error, which will be fixed later today.)

SourceMeValid Markup
TechBlogValid Markup
Themes.e107Valid Markup

If you require more examples contact me via email or MSN.

XHTML: $60 per main page; $25 per subpage.
XHTML to WordPress: $50
PSD to WordPress: $125
XHTML to e107 CMS: $80, which includes e107 installation service and support.
PSD to e107 CMS: $150, which includes e107 installation service and support.

How to contact me.
Email: contact [at] mach2designs [dot] co [dot] uk

Any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance to anyone who hires me to raise money for this great cause.

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