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November 15, 2007

New Design + Fresh Start.

if you visited this blog before you might just notice the new design that has just been uploaded and activated. This new design was designed by James of Eat Fruit Please, if you need a designer for anything I can safely say James is your man. I have brought several designs of him and each time it has been a pleasure doing business with him.

Once I saw this design in a thread at TalkFreelance I immediately wanted it, the reason I wanted it as I wanted it to be the base of a new beginning for me as a blogger. Not only that, I wanted to give the link to this blog to potential employers as my job hunt continues. Over the next few days I will be adding pages to this blog, these pages will be mainly for the purpose of helping me get a job. A services page will also be written outlining what I can currently offer and at what price.

Also as it gets closer and closer to December I will have an announcement or two about a project I have been working on for about 3-4 months. All the work involved in the project isn’t quite finished but I have my fingers crossed it will all be done ready for the start of December. A few things I can say is that is for e107  and it will hopefully be a nice little present to everyone who uses and contributes to e107.

Tomorrow is also Children in Need here in the UK. This means I will be offering my services tomorrow for as many people as I can and ALL money raised will be sent into Children in need once all work has been complete and money received via Paypal. Work will be done as fast as I can but if demand is high it may take a few more days to complete. I want to complete all requests, so as much money can be raised as possible. This is also a good way for me to get more work in my portfolio for this fresh start. More information will be posted tomorrow here and on TalkFreelance.

I think that just about wraps this extra long blog post up. Feel free to let me know what you think of the new design via the contact form or comment form.

November 5, 2007

An Update

I am pleased to tell you that a new version of this blog will be coming soon. Quite a few new features will appear too, like a aggregator menu for any blogs I think readers of this blog will like.

Another feature that will also be finally making an appearance is comments. I left it out last time I updated this site as I didn’t think anyone would use it. But as it has been requested quite a few times I though i’d get it up and running.

This new update will also make this site alot more about the services I offer, it will include posts about promotions, previews of projects I am working on, and a updated portfolio.

I look forward to getting this site updated and alot more professional.

October 15, 2007

Today – Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day well here in the UK it is drawing to a close. I was hoping to post a few hours ago but was busy. So excuse me, and as it is late sorry if I make any mistakes.

Lately in the UK every news broadcast whether it be at 1Pm or 10PM there always seems to be something on the news about climate, and how WE are changing it.

Just today in-fact I watched the news and it showed a report about the how the shipping lanes in the Artic have been able to be used this year as all the ice had melted, which hasn’t happened before. Also a report about the 1987′s Great Storm here in the UK.

Sitting here right now in the Isle Of Wight I can hear the wind blowing outside, with 25 minutes left of blog action day to write this post and get it up to be 1 of the many today posting to try and get something done about how WE are changing this amazing place we call home. We’re not the only ones who have to live here, and US as individuals are changing the planet for everything.

On a personal note, now when i’m doing sketches etc, I throw my paper into a bin that gets emptied into the paper recycling box we have back in Solihull. Just doing a bit can help, but doing nothing isn’t an option if we want to live on this world like we do now. If we keep littering, polluting like we do now the world will change forever.

Just take a few minutes right now and think about what kind of world you want your children/relatives etc… growing up in.

October 6, 2007

SimplePie Feed Parser

Lately I have been developing inBlogs, a site which aggregates posts from 148 (and growing) web-related blogs into one place. These are then split into pages. In this post what SimplePie is, more detailed posts will follow.
What exactly is SimplePie?

The script allows you to parse RSS and ATOM feeds in PHP, which allows you to show posts from a feed or several feeds in a page or menu on your website. Or like me develop a whole site featured around the parsed feeds.

SimplePie for one feed.

Parsing one feed can be helpful to some people. A demo of this can be seen here. Using this you can create simple menu’s to add to your site or blog to show the latest posts from a blog or news section on a website. Say you have a technology blog you might want to add a menu that shows the last 5 posts from engadget.

SimplePie for multiple feeds.

If you want to have several feeds to be parsed together then SimplePie Multifeeds is for you. It allows you to parse as many feeds as you like into one all sorted by date. This is what is used on inBlogs. Using this you can create menu’s or pages or even plugins that aggregate posts from feeds. On Macommand a WordPress SimplePie plugin is used to automatically create posts from several feeds. Meaning I don’t have to update the site manually. This can be very helpful if your a lazy blogger like me.

This post is just the first post about SimplePie. This may get updated and posted again to add more details. I will be doing several tutorials about SimplePie over the next coming weeks.

October 6, 2007

e107 Themes and Plugins

Well as most of you know by now I have been using e107 for quite a few years and will continue to do so. A year or so back I was releasing quite alot of themes. I am happy to announce that once again I will be releasing themes on a semi regular basis, dependent on my ever changing work status.

The firs batch will consist of 15 themes, more details of which will come soon. These themes will not be out this month and previews as well as another announcement will be made in November. As you can imagine these themes will take time to make, I will be designing these themes then coding them. I am hoping I can have the 15 themes finished for a deadline I have set.

As well as this I am hoping to release the aggregator plugin around the same time as the themes. While continuing my book I have been writing the last few weeks.

Wish me luck.

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