I decided on Friday evening that I wanted to get all designy so for no reason at all I ended up designing what you see before you in the browser. I started it on Friday about 7PM and completed WP integration on Sunday night. I held off uploading it until tonight as I had a […]


Not only did I splash out on an iPad this week, but I also splashed out on a brand new server to host all of my websites on. Despite having a shared server account all paid up till next March, I wanted to get my bigger sites on something a bit speedier. Especially with upcoming […]


So I’ve took the plunge and got myself an iPad. I really didn’t take much convincing at all. Just a quick look at one this morning sealed the deal and I found myself on autopilot to the Apple Store. This is a quick first impressions post, after having the device for a few hours. I’m […]