2012 has been a bit of a roller coaster of a year for me. Getting out of Europe for the first time, leaving 383 Project, joining Buffer and releasing even more apps. Here are the highlights…

New York

Till this year I hadn’t been outside of Europe, late last year I was planning to head to New York for a holiday, followed by a week in San Francisco for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. As with most things planning was left till last minute, booking accommodation just a week or two prior to leaving for the big apple.

I hadn’t planned an itinerary for each day in New York, often deciding what I was doing each day just after waking up. I managed to take in most of the sights I wanted to. I even got to see sights I thought I would miss due to the dates I had chosen. Fortunately some bad weather meant I was able to see the Space Shuttle craned onto the Intrepid, which was a somewhat bizarre experience.


I’m hoping to get back over to New York in 2013 for a longer period than a week and see even more of New York.

San Francisco / Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference

Ever since starting iPhone development and even prior to that WWDC has been high up on my list of conferences i’d love to attend. Fortunately I managed to get a ticket within the short amount of time that they were on sale, which was a good job as I had already booked flights to be in San Francisco following New York.

Prior to hitting WWDC a group of UK iOS Developers got together to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge, a definite highlight of the whole week.


If you do iOS or Mac development and haven’t been i’d recommend it, I certainly want to go again next year. Crossing my fingers already for tickets. Not only do you learn about the new features in the upcoming iOS release you get to chat to developers from around the world and also chat to Apple Developers who can point you in the right direction if you have a problem with some code.


2012 saw me join Buffer fulltime in June after working freelance on the iPhone app since last September, working alongside an ever growing team of awesome people. We’ve visited Tel Aviv and I have a list of places I want to visit in 2013.


Want to join the Buffer team? We’re hiring!

Tel Aviv

Buffer decided we’ll be heading to Tel Aviv, Israel for a few months. Somewhere that initially some of us were sceptical about. Something that two weeks in triggers me to post “Give it a chance“…

My take out from the past few weeks is to not judge somewhere based on what you’ve heard in the news. They rarely pick up on the good stories and focus on the negatives as they are the stories which make the headlines. While those bad headlines are no doubt happening, they are out of sight and out of mind while I explore and experience somewhere entirely new (and the weather’s not bad either).

I’d definitely go back to Tel Aviv given the chance. I didn’t make it to Jerusalem while I was there and it’s definitely on my list of places to visit.

Buffer for iPhone

The original Buffer for iPhone launched in January of this year with various released adding and tweaking things released after. Then we started working on version 2 in June, which was released earlier this month. It is a huge step forward and it was a pleasure working alongside Luke Beard, who made it look very pretty.


We added the most requested features such as Photo Upload, Analytics shown without having to select each update as well as promoting all of the other amazing 3rd party apps that have Buffer integration.

Feedback on the new version has been great. We have lots of other tweaks and improvements planned for future versions.


Having only worked on productivity apps and data driven apps such as Buffer and Magic Bean it was a whole new challenge to work on an animation based iPad app. It has been a pleasure working on Globbert, while also learning so much during the development. It’s been great to get to grips with another side of iOS development I hadn’t experienced till now.


If you got an iPad this Christmas or had one already go and get Globbert from the App Store! Watch out for updates about Globbert in the future.


Who knows what 2013 will bring. I hope to have even more countries crossed off my list this time next year, even more apps developed and shipped. Also I hope to make sure I post more regularly on this blog, so far so good!

So with that all said, Happy New Year!

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