A Huge Thank You

As most of you are probably aware of by now, on Tuesday evening I was assaulted and had my phone stolen from me while on the bus home. As soon as I got in (a bit shaken up) I rang o2 and also posted a tweet about what had happened. I was ringing o2 to get my phone number blocked and my iPhone blocked (which apparently takes 24 hours max).

Within seconds people were replying to my tweet asking me if i’m ok. To be honest I was absolutely shocked at the amount of replies I got. Each one that came in cheered me up a bit more, it really did help.

Few minutes later I managed to interrupt my girlfriend from a meal she was having with a friend (Oooops). I told her all about what had happened, Cassie being the amazing person she is… listened and cheered me up. I let her get back to her meal, till she got home and spoke to me again.

Thank you to the following people…

My girlfriend Cassie Bishop (@ViciousVishnu), not sure who I would of spoken on the night if you weren’t there for me. Thank you!!!
Karen Strunks (@karenstrunks), you must have been sitting refreshing Twitter as you replied in an instant. Looking forward to helping you out with 4amproject, if I ever get chance. Thank you!!
Mark Ford (@fordie)
Julia Gilbert (@catnip)
Shona McQuillan (@graphiquillan)
Lee Allen (@PhotosbyLee), thank you for the conversation that followed too. Making sure I was ok the following day and asking how I got on at the police station last night.
Simon Douglas (@sadbuttrue)
Stuart Maynard-Keene (@stuup)
James Timbrell (@jamestimbrell), thanks for checking in on me the day’s following. really appreciate it.
Matt Allen (@sdmix)
Timothy Griffin (@Timmargh)
Nicky Getgood (@getgood)
Michael Grimes (@citizensheep)
Andy Mabbett (@pigsonthewing)
Steve Heyes (@mrsteveheyes)
Nick Booth (@podnosh), thanks for making me laugh about having a backup tweeting device.
Gary Rae (@garyrae)
Luke L (@Dachande663)
Pete Ashton (@peteashton)
Anthony Herron (@anthonyherron)
Suleiman Leadbitter (@Sulcalibur)
Canna (@CannaIndy)
Brian Simpson (@gecal)

Once again… Thank you! You’re all amazing!

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  1. Don’t worry about saying thanks, I feel sad that all I could do was ask how you were via messenger and twitter. Stupidly I rang your mobile (I was hoping they sorted the sim and you was using another phone).

    This kind of crap is getting more and more common place and seriously the police don’t bother with it. The best you can do is make sure you are insured. Personally I would have battered them, but that’s just my method.

    Hope you feel fine and you can continue with your life without feeling violated.

    Take care mate, and learn some Wing Chun Kung Fu!

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