BrumTwestival 2010

@ellielovell recently reminded the twittersphere that it had been a whole year since the first BrumTwestival event. Which was organized by a fantastic team of volunteers and held at Poppyred on February 12th last year to raise money for Charity:Water. This year it’s back and money is being raised for Concern Worldwide.

BrumTwestival discussion was kicked off last year with a blog post on our 383 Project blog. The post showing off the logo we designed for Twestival itself as well as asking for people to come forward to organize the event. Just over a month later the event was held an amazing £1,519 was raised. Since then a Twestival local was held donating money raised to Birmingham YMCA.

This year the global event is back and is going to be held on 25th March, once again the BrumTwestival event will be held at Poppy Red in Birmingham. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the event then you can get in contact with @katehughes or @jashpal. Or head over to the BrumTwestival blog to find out what’s happening on the night and if you can help.

If your not from Birmingham and want to find an event near you, you can use the new globe on the Twestival site to find your event.

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