17 days ago Pete Ashton suggested a “thisisbrum” Twitter account to create a definative list of Tweeters in the region. I decided that this would be a cool idea and soon set up the “@thisisbrum” Twitter account. I started following a few well known Birmingham Twitter users then left the account for a good week or two (thanks to problems with my landlord).

Saturday I decided to get out and “chill out” a bit. I started by heading into the Town Centre and meet up with the Flash mob people. I took a few photo’s that I will be uploading to Flickr as soon as I get a Wifi connection at work. I met with a few recogniseable Twitter users and put faces to names.

I then set out across to Digbeth with Mark Steadman and Michael Grimes to spend the rest of the day with the Multipack, who had the first of the new ‘presents‘ events. Right at the end of the talks an interesting discussion started thanks to Andy Mabbett about other events the Multipack might be interested in, it soon became a discussion about linking several networks like Brum Bloggers, Social Media Cafe and Multipack etc… together in some way.

A small dicussion outside of ‘The old crown’ in Digbeth with Stuart Langridge and Bruce Lawson about how using Twitter to get people down to BrumTwestival a few weeks ago had been a success, and how it would be useful for getting people who haven’t tried coming along and joining in with such groups. Stuart also said he’d like to see about getting ‘Birmingham’ back on the map for groups/events like Multipack.

Over the rest of the weekend I set about following as many Brum Twitter users to try and get the ‘difinitive list’ of Twitter users on the account, so far very successful. A big thank you to everyone who has followed or retweeted to get the message out there.

Things planned for @thisisbrum

– RSS Feed of Followers

– Bot to follow new Brum Twitter Users

– Event/Meetup announcements (Sent in via DM).

– Engaging more with the Brum users.

That’s pretty much it so far… But how would you want @thisisbrum used?

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