Breaking goals into sizeable chunks

I’ve been embarking on the Slow Carb diet from Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4 Hour Body” since I headed to Gran Canaria 5 weeks ago. While I was there I hit the 1 stone lost milestone and part of that I attribute to being somewhere new and unfamiliar, something I touched on in my last post “New Environment, New Habits“.

In the past I’ve set myself goals to lose weight and to hit a specific weight and I never would achieve those goals, likely to them being far off in the distance. This time I decided to set myself a smaller easier-to-accomplish goal, one that would be reachable fairly easily paving the way towards a bigger weight-loss goal.

Setting these smaller goals make them more manageable, once I hit a goal I can celebrate a small success before heading towards the next goal.

I’m 7 pounds away from achieving the first goal I set which will be a loss of about 20 pounds since starting. I’m using Withings Scales (yes I packed them in my suitcase) & Weightbot so I can track my progress day to day. My weight also gets fed into the Jawbone UP app so I can try and spot trends bassed on activity and eating if I remember to complete this day to day.

Seeing the progress over the past 5 weeks has helped to motivate me to continue as has the support from friend, family and coworkers at Buffer. This combined with the smaller goals seem like a great combination to keep on track to hit my first goal which is nearing.

So what about a bigger goal? I’ve not really thought about the “bigger goal” yet. As Gregory Ciotti said in a great blog post about achieving goals

Enjoying our day by day progress and realistic ‘checkpoints’ is a much more
practical way to create our future; getting lost in grandiose dreams that focus on the
ultimate end is not.

Now i’m back in Birmingham and nearly through week 1 I can safely say it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would, I’ve managed to continue with the downwards trend I set while in Gran Canaria and i’m sure it’ll continue.

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