CouchQuiz v7.0

CouchQuiz v7.0

With everything going on in the world I recently decided to make CouchQuiz free and started hacking away at an update I initially started last year but never competed. I’m pleased to report it is now live on both the iOS and Apple TV App Stores.

In the last week I have added the ability to play CouchQuiz multiplayer across multiple households to make social distancing a little easier. Someone can set up a game on their Apple TV or iPad and Apple TV’s or iPads in totally different locations can join the same game. Doing away with the need to point a webcam at the Apple TV/iPad in Zoom.

Players can then join the game from their own iOS devices or via any browser via just like they normally would.

In the coming weeks I’ll be adding the option to send “tips” to support further development of CouchQuiz and to help cover server costs. We’ll also hopefully update some of the categories with new questions and introduce a few new ones along the way.

Search for “CouchQuiz” on the Apple TV App Store or download it on iPad here.