e107 Theming Guide

For e107Advent I started work on a Theming Guide for e107. This was going to help people with some knowledge in web design/development create themes for e107. So web designers can get an idea of how to code their designs. I decided to let the e107 community decide what topics I covered in the guide, this way I would hopefully fill in the gaps that aren’t currently filled in documentation.

Now while I carry on writing for the next version of the guide, I have had many requests to write guides for other areas of e107. This is something I have already started work on a while ago but focus turned onto other things. After I have gotten a few projects completed in the New Year this main guide will hopefully be released and updated throughout the year. Once again with content requested by e107 users, to fill in any gaps in the current documentation.

If you have any requests for e107 documentation then feel free to contact me.

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