e107 v0.7.11 Out Now!

As my CMS of choice is e107 and I am happy to announce that v0.7.11 was released yesterday. This release will most likely be the last release of the 0.7 branch. Its is a bugfix release like the past few releases. Unless a security issue, large bug or anything else crops up that requires attention this will be the last 0.7 release.

The e107 development team are now going to focus on 0.8. Instead of working on both the 0.7 and 0.8 branch’s, they can focus on the one and devote there efforts solely on 0.8. Currently there is no idea when 0.8 will be out, i’d take a guess at a few months till see see it been released.

In the mean time you can of course grab a copy of the CVS files. My CVS updates will resume soon when I am back in Birmingham.

You can read the developers roadmaps here.

If you running e107 and want to update or want to try e107 for the first time go here.

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