e107CVS.org I’m happy to announce that after a few hours work I have re-vamped e107CVs.org.

The main reason for this change is to make CVS updates easier for me to create, meaning I can update it everyday depending if anything has been commited. Now I just need to download the CVS files, and then run an AppleScript which then zips them and uploads them to the site. The site knows when the file was last changed so I don’t have to edit that every few days.

Now for those of you wondering what is e107CVS.org? Its a site that allows you to download the CVS branches of e107, for those people that don’t know what CVS is then the site allows you to download up -to-date Pre-Release copies of e107. So if you wish to try the upcoming releases of e107 then head over to e107CVS.org.

It isn’t recommended you use these files on productions sites, they are simply available for testing. If you do use them then you are using them at your OWN risk!

These are Pre-Release files, some functions may be in a ‘Work in Progress / Not working / Foundations’ state, and bugs will be present.

More sites and site re-vamps coming very soon!

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