7 Things you may not know about me

Daniel Davies sent me this chain letter, which now means I have to tell you 7 things you may not know about me. Most of the below are really lame as I was struggling with things to write about, guess i’m not that interesting in that respect!

  • I actually got my job through Twitter back, way back in December 07 / January 08.
  • I have a weird fascination with anything to do with underground history, one example of this is closed stations on the London Underground, or tunnels in cities. I often find myself reading Wikipedia reading related pages. Strange huh? It only started recently.
  • When I was younger (Junior school) I had 2 poems published in a Solihull ‘Young writers?’ book. They are still on my Dad’s bookshelf, which one day will no doubt cause some embarrassment.
  • I have many thing’s I’d like to do or complete, just never seem to find time to sit down and do them.
  • I was obsessed with my Xbox 360, till I found my girlfriend Cassie. The 360 got used less and less till it died and has been dead since.
  • I’d love to be more artistic and creative, but it’s something that’s never been natural to me. As you can see from this sites design.
  • I am not a very sociable person. I won’t actively come over and talk to you, unless I know you or have spoken to you previously. I guess that’s why people say i’m “shy”, and find it hard to ‘mingle’ at events like Multipack and Brumbloggers.

Okay, I’ll name the following… Sukhi Dehal, James Timbrell… More people to follow.

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