A change in direction…

After quite a few months of not blogging i’ve decided that i’d like to get back into the blogging scene again. Previously my site had been called ‘Mach2Designs’ but I never actually did ‘design’ so now i’ve decided to move over to AndyDev.co.uk. Makes alot more sense, i’m Andy and I am a Web Developer!

I am planning on getting a new design and the blog will focus on things I see, learn and find, all to do with the web. The site will also follow the development of the new version of inBlogs a site owned by me, which aggregates web related blogs and displays all the posts in one place. You can also follow this aggregator on Twitter.

I look forward to bringing you some new blog posts, for now have a browse around a few posts that I have imported from my old blog.

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  1. hi Andy, could you drop me an email please if you are available at all for any adhoc Magento work – can be fitted around other projects. thanks Joel

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