Blogging? Me?

This is just a short update, as I am still finding it hard to get time to create posts. Some are in the works as I have said before, just need to finish them off.

inBlogs Ad-Free Aggregator

Now, today I have added inBlogs to twitter. So most posts will be posted to twitter getting your blog more exposure and hits. While this feature is rather simple it still needs to be tweaked so all posts are posted. Right now because of timezones some posts are missed by the system. This will hopefully be resolved by the weekend.

Follow inBlogs on Twitter here.

WordPress 2.5

This is the first post I am creating using WordPress 2.5, I was a bit skeptical at first about the design and the overall new layout of the admin area, but its growing on me and I have to say I much prefer the layout of this editor now. So get upgrading!!

Projects on Rails

I have started to learn Ruby on Rails for an upcoming project. I am quite impressed with the idea I have came up with, it has to be the best idea I have had ever for a site that is. Just need to make this idea a reality, and with the help of Rails it shouldn’t be that long.

Working at 383

Working at 383 Project is great still, really enjoying it still. Even with the amount of HTML Newsletters I have to code, and the amount of database find and replaces I have to do manually. It also has its challenging aspects, which allow me to push all my skills to the limit, while learning on the way.

Also I am on the look out for PHP/Ruby on Rails/Javascript courses if anyone knows of any give me a shout.

Not a very short update like I said above but still, not as interesting as a review or tutorial. More of them posts coming very soon, including information about my new Rails projects.

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